The Blackburn Cycling Club can only be as successful as the dedicated volunteers who sit on its organising committee. They fulfil a range of different roles to ensure events, training and other club activities are planned and run in a professional manner.

Executive Committee Members

President   Andrew Fitzgerald
Vice President   Barry Woods
Secretary   Ben Clarke
Treasurer   Kate and Andrew Hopkins
Club Captain   Sean Cleary
Strategic Business   John Hribar
Racing Chairperson   Brian Harwood
Junior Development Chairperson   Andrew Johnstone
Women's Development Chairperson
  Madison Fitzgerald
Fundraising Chairperson   Kelly Sutton
Communication Chairperson    Vacant
Sponsorship Chairperson   Vacant
Social Chairperson   Vacant

General Committee   Noel Clarkson
    Hugh Marr
    Andrew Radford

Other Office Bearers

Membership Secretary   Doris Marr
Club Vice Captain   Tim Renowden
Co-Club Junior Boys Captain   Mitchell McGovern & Jackson Hribar
Co-Cub Junior Girls Captain   Sophie Marr & Lauren Fitzgerald
Website Coordinator   Mark Bailey
Club Chief Commissaire   Doug Reith
Handicapper   Doug Reith
Assistant Handicapper   Vacant
Trophy Steward

Noel Clarkson
Track Aggregate Steward   Robin Surteers
Race Results Coordinator   Rob Monteath
Volunteer Coordinator   Vacant
Club Apparel Coordinator   Paula McGovern
Facilities/Asset Coordinator   Damian Breed
News Items Coordinator   Mark Bailey
Traffic Permits Coordinator   Phillip Vimpani
Junior Team Managers    
J9   All
J11   Noel Clarkson
J13   Vacant
J15   Noel Clarkson & Andrew Radford
J17   Doris Marr & Stephen Cook
J19   Club Captain


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