Victorian Club Team Championships 2016

Sunday May 1 - Bendigo

Blackburn CC teams are listed below:

U11 Boys 
Oscar Gallagher
Hamish Clarkson
Cooper Duncan

U11 Girls 
Sari Keating
Annabel Johnstone

U13 Girls - Team 1
Lauren Fitzgerald
Jo Mangan
Sophie Marr

U13 Girls - Team 2
Lily Johnstone
Indigo Keating
Ella Duncan

U13 Boys - Team 1
Nathan Bowden
Jonathan Marr

U13 Boys - Team 2
Damien Friehofer
Clancy Izzard

U17 - Team 1
Jemma Eastwood
Harry Morgan
Xabier Twyman

U17 - Team 2
Callum Hopkins
Sam Gallagher
Christopher Gardner

U17 - Team 3
Makenzie Betts
Kestas Celna

Cameron Murphy
Lachlan Mushet
David Somers

Masters - Men 135+ - Team 1
Reto Freihofer
Andrew Somers
Noel Clarkson

Masters - Men 135+ - Team 2
David Gallagher
Glenn Newnham
Simon Arthur

Elite Men - Team 1
Tom Leaper
Tyler Spurrell
Darryn Ben
Godfrey Slattery

Elite Men - Team 2
Tim Renowden
Ross Hamilton
Rob Regester

Women Masters 135+
Elizabeth Randall
Doris Marr
Paula McGovern

(image credit: Michael Eaddy)


J11, J13, J15, J17, J19, M23, ELITE, MASTERS


J11/13 (3 riders time taken on 2nd rider)

J17, J15 (3 riders time taken on 2nd rider)

Women, Masters Women, JW19 (3 Riders time taken on 2nd rider)

Elite Men, JM19 (4 Riders time taken on 3rd rider)

Masters Men "OPEN" (4 riders time taken on 3rd rider)

Masters Men 'AGE RESTRICTED" (3 riders with a combined age of 135+ time taken on 2nd rider)


Blackburn CC will arrange entries, please email to express interest in competing or volunteering.

Note: Mixed gender teams are permitted in the following categories: Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 & Under 17


J11/13: 6-8km

J15/17: 23.2km

Elite: 50km

Club Kit

All participants should wear Club Kit for this event. For team members without club kit, plain kit is acceptable.

More Details

More details are available on the Cycling Victoria page for this event.