Criterium Carnival 2016

A week of furious criterium racing at Melbourne's favourite race venues.
Brought to you by Blackburn CC, Carnegie Caulfield CC, Hawthorn CC, Coburg CC and St Kilda CC

$1000 prize money!

$500 men, $500 women

• Racing on the day as usual for all-comers, normal prize money on the day, points winners prizemoney awarded at the final race of the series.
• Riders race in the grade they are graded to with each club (participating clubs are sharing their grading documents for those ungraded elsewhere)
• Points down to fourth place across grades Mens A-D and Womens A-B (Points are awarded to women racing in mixed grades where no womens grades are offered, see series rules)
• Points awarded for participation so the more races you do the more points you earn
• Entries are as per normal entry procedure for each club.

Race times and pre-entry process for Blackburn's races at Metec

We encourage riders to pre-enter for the Blackburn-hosted race at Metec, to receive a discounted entry fee. 


Any races cancelled due to inclement weather or other reasons will not be rescheduled. Should the event be cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions or hazards, entries fees will be refunded.
Online bookings will close at midnight on Thursday, February 4th.
Note: Online entries will incur a 30c admin fee.

You must have your current CA license with you on the night, or paperwork from CA confirming you have a license.
This is especially important as a new license is required from 1st of January each year when new licenses commence.
3 Race Licenses will be available to purchase on the night if you do not have a current CA license.
BBN operates a strict no license, no race policy.

If you race at Hawthorn, St.Kilda, Coburg and Carnegie Caulfield it is expected that you will select the same grade you race in at these events and what these clubs have you listed/graded for. It is the responsibility of each rider to enter into the correct grade, not the person at the entry desk to catch them out. If the race committee is made aware that a rider has entered into a lower grade, and this is confirmed, then they will be disqualified and any win or place money forfeited.
If you are not sure which grade to race, discuss this with your club and the BBN Race Director/handicapper prior to the race day.

Entry fees will be refunded if the club is notified via an email to the Race Director about your scratching by 5pm the day before racing. You must include in your email your name, club, category and grade. Refunds and future credits are not possible after this time as your place and race number are locked in and unable to be reallocated.
The Race Director/handicapper reserves the right to change the grade of a rider at any time, should this be necessary.

Grading Guide
E-F (Novice): junior riders who would not qualify for A-D grades at CCCC crits.
A-D (Open): Should be based on your normal club grading for criterium races.

Grade Rego Start Duration
E/F 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 20 min + 1 lap
D/B 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 50 min + 2 laps
A/C 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 50 min + 2 laps

Race calendar

Race Date Venue Host club
Race 1 - Sunday 31/01/2016 Glenvale - map Carnegie Caulfield CC
Race 2 - Tuesday 02/02/2016 Sandown- map Carnegie Caulfield CC
Race 3 - Wednesday 03/02/2016 Kew - The Teardrop - map Hawthorn CC
Race 4 - Friday 05/02/2016 METEC - map Blackburn CC
Race 5 - Saturday 06/02/2016 National Boulevard - map Coburg CC
Race 6 - Sunday 07/02/2016 South Melbourne - map St Kilda CC