The K.O.M and Intermediate Sprint Judges are used to record the finishing order of riders in each grade for "King of the Mountain" or "Intermediate Sprint" competitions and pass on the results to the person working out the final standings.

Arrival Time

Please ensure you arrive at least 1 hour prior to the published race start time. If by unforseen circumstances you are running late please phone ahead to the Race Director to let them know.

Please get the results for each grade to the appropriate person as soon as possible. Back up your verbal results with written results.

Equipment Required

High visibility vest, appropriate signs for your section of course as per course plan, radio, pen and pad. Take the appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather conditions. It gets cold standing in the one spot for two or three hours.

Prior to the start of the race

  • Check in and collect folder.
  • Attend T.C. and C.M. briefing.
  • Collect the equipment you require.
  • Check the radio is operating (the channel has been set)
  • Drive out to your section of course and erect the signs.

Call Sign

If you have a radio please use the name on your folder as your call sign: eg. LEAD CAR, CAR B, Spotter etc.

During the event

  • Make sure that you safety vest is worn correctly.
  • Do not get distracted by spectators. You need to give this job your full attention.
  • Judge and record the result of the first 5 riders in each grade (KOM or Intermediate sprints) Contact the person responsible for the results by mobile phone or radio a.s.a.p.

After the Race

  • Hand your written copy of the results to the person at the finish table.
  • Return your folder and radio to the designated person
  • Return the equipment to the designated person.
  • Complete your post race task that is on the schedule sheet
  • Attend the debriefing
  • Notify the Race Director before you leave


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