The Support Vehicle provides spare wheel support to riders for major events (typically those ranked as Opens).

Arrival Time

Please ensure you arrive at least 1 1/2 hours prior to the published race start time. If by unforseen circumstances you are running late please phone ahead to the Race Director to let them know. Please also ensure that you have adequate fuel to drive the full race distance.

Equipment Required

Magnetic roof sign, rear window sign, revolving warning amber light and car CB/hand held radio, pieces of cardboard, note pad and pen.

Prior to the start of the race

  • Check in and collect folder.
  • Attend Follow Car briefing.
  • Collect the equipment you require.
  • Check the radio is operating (the channel needs to be set)
  • Collect spare wheels and identified with pieces of cardboard stuck between spokes.

Call Sign

If you have a radio please use the name on your folder as your call sign: eg. LEAD CAR, CAR B, Spotter etc.

During the event

  • Turn on your headlights and revolving flashing light for the duration of the race.
  • Stay 100m behind the Commissaire's Car.
  • Be aware of the traffic following and move as far to the left so that other vehicles can pass.
  • Should a rider make his/her way up to the bunch, move towards the centre of road so that they can pass you on the inside.
  • If a rider falls. Check to see if he/she is OK; contact the Race Director or nearest Corner Marshal by radio or mobile phone.
  • Radio or phone the Race Director of any potential dangers on the course.
  • If a rider is dropped and its looks like he/she will not make contact with the bunch. Pass the rider and position yourself behind the Commissaire's Car.
  • Keep a record of which rider was given a wheel change.
  • Check to see if a rider is having a mechanical problem or requires a wheel change. Hand the rider their wheel. RIDERS MUST CHANGE THEIR OWN WHEELS. Do not assist a rider by pushing.
  • If a rider has made the decision to quit the race. You may offer him/her a ride back to the finish.

After the Race

  • Return your folder and radio to the designated person
  • Return the revolving light, roof and rear window signs to the designated person.
  • Distribute the wheels to the proper owner, and keep a record.
  • Complete your post race task that is on the schedule sheet.
  • Attend the debriefing
  • Notify the Race Director before you leave


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